Sock Cop is running for the 2016 United States presidential election. If he is not on the ballot, please write-in Sock Cop. He is promoting himself using the hashtag #SockCop2016. Members of the Periscope community have joined the campaign and some have been appointed members of Sock Cop's cabinet.

Cabinet (US Citizens):

  • President of the United States: Sock Cop (@jasonburglar)
  • Vice President of the United States: 2Shedds (@2shedds)
  • Secretary of State: Jeve Stones (@jevestones)
  • Department of the Treasury: BooBug564
  • Department of Defense: @MidclassBatman
  • Attorney General: MoeRocker (@MoeRocker13)
  • Department of Justice: MobileGeniusFix (@joshmacgown)
  • Department of the Interior: @MzDarla
  • Department of Agriculture: Charlie (@PatokaFire10a16)
  • Department of Commerce: Mark (@OMFGZORZ)
  • Department of Labor:
  • Department of Health and Human Services: Ryan (@TheInagaki)
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: HOward MOody (@homoproductions)
  • Department of Transportation: Dannnnnnnniel
  • Department of Energy: OhioMusicMan (@OhioMusicMan_)
  • Department of Education: @Erryn_N_Heather
  • Department of Veterans Affairs:
  • Department of Homeland Security: Dave (@dhancock110)
  • White House Chief of Staff: Crazy Deb (@Chloesullivan89)
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Frances Hui (@FrancesHui)
  • Office of Management & Budget: Chuck (@c_faustine)
  • United States Trade Representative: @adamlucidi
  • United States Mission to the United Nations: @natashameoli
  • Council of Economic Advisers:
  • Administrator of Drug Enforcement: @thatcrackguy
  • Small Business Administration: Dusty @unstence

Other Positions:

  • Campaign Manager / Press Secretary: @writerjt
  • Head of Secret Service: chasingdogtales
  • Pilot of Air Force One: @mynamemeanslife
  • Head Chef: @T0ussaint

Foreign Ambassadors:

  • Canada: CookieTheCute
  • England: talkinape
  • Scotland: @Tomalosh
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